Zihan Loo

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      Friday June 8th @ 7pm dfb
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Zihan Loo’s work is anchored in the moving image and extends to performance and mixed-media installations. “I deploy these divergent mediums to address fundamental societal and artistic questions, such as the relationship between the artist and participant, the role of the ‘proper’ and the still under-recognized pervasiveness of shame.

“A quiet lyricism and poetic rhythm couches my explorations of shame, sexual content and the dangers and pleasures of self-exposure. In submitting to my own self-exposure, I propose my work as a gift to the viewer.”

By exposing myself in and through performance to transactions and relations of power, sexuality, and voyeurism, I offer viewers a means to circumvent assumptions they bring to the otherwise private content of sexuality, shame, and personhood. A queer lens is held up to the viewer’s eye, momentarily refracting their perception of the world and asking them to see otherwise. Via this refraction, I urge compassion and tolerance for the marginalized and the exiled.”

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